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Are you, like so many, finally beginning your CBD journey? First of all: that’s fantastic! Prepare for a new way to heal organically! However, there’s one other thing you should prepare for: questions, lots of them. But among the most common: “how do I take CBD?”

Additionally, you should keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. Therefore, everyone reacts differently to CBD and the wide variety of CBD products. So, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and some products may not work for you. It’s common to be overwhelmed by the scale of CBD products, and suggestions on when and how to take it. Which kind is best for you? How much should you take? What sort of products should you give your pet?

Here, we’ve put together three effective, common ways to take CBD. Depending on your health goals, some methods will yield better results than others in your daily routine. Whether you’re just beginning, or optimizing your routine, understanding these methods can help you to decide.

Originally posted on June 22, 2020, this post has been updated for relevancy and accuracy.

1. Smoking or Vaping CBD Flower

Smoking and vaping are some of the best ways to take CBD. This is especially true when it comes to anxiety disorders. Inhaling CBD sends it directly into the bloodstream. As a result, it takes effect a lot faster than other methods.

So, you can experience relief for your injury, anxiety, or other condition faster. If you’re smoking, you can roll it in paper or use a glass pipe for a smoother, more pleasant inhale. Of course, Hemp Pre-Rolls have quickly become the number one way to inhale CBD and their popularity’s only growing.

Vaping’s enormously popular, especially to smoke CBD. Many consider vaping much healthier since it involves zero combustion. Also, there’s the additional convenience of its compact size. Vapes usually fit directly into your pocket, are undetectable and don’t require the inclusion of more accessories to operate (like a cigarette lighter).

2. Cooking CBD Edibles

Sure, smoking and vaping are the speediest ways for the body to absorb cannabinoids. But, you can also cook using CBD herb and CBD oil. Eating foods with a CBD infusion is a tasty, enjoyable way to relieve pain while also keeping anxiety and panic attacks at bay.

The most common CBD edible is gummies. However, there’s many other interesting and tasty recipes out there to discover and experiment with. From CBD popcorn butter to sweet CBD desserts, there’s plenty of recipes you can whip up yourself.

Edibles do take longer to go into effect, since it takes time to enter the bloodstream. Additionally, your weight and metabolism will affect the timing. For these reasons, many CBD users will take gummies for anxiety or sleep disorders. Although slow acting, taking at night before bed can help receive the benefits while sleeping.

3. CBD Topical Creams

Topical CBD creams are a great choice for targeting pain or skin conditions. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, and it enhances circulation (in addition to its countless other benefits). Unlike smoking or digesting CBD, topical treatments let you apply relief directly to the affected areas of your body.

If you don’t want to inhale or digest CBD, then topical products are perfect for you. Easily accessible, self-explanatory to use and definitely straightforward, this is the most painless and fundamental way to consume your daily CBD.

Final Thoughts: CBD Brings Relief Where and When You Need It

Personal preference is everything when it comes to CBD. What you’re using it for, and how long you want to experience the effects are both relevant when you’re choosing how to take it.However, regardless of your choice, CBD is a perfect alternative to synthetic, often addictive, remedies for pain and anxiety.

Keep your needs and preferences on your mind when you shop for CBD. This way, you’ll be able to narrow your options down to precisely what you’re looking for.

And at Route 27 Hemp Yard, our commitment to offering only CBD products of the highest quality  provides you with the perfect source for any products, insight, guidance or information you may need.