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Recently, CBD has become one of the most popular and beloved ways to naturally alleviate common mental and physical ailments. People all over the country take it daily to mitigate problems ranging from anxiety to epilepsy. In fact, researchers are still regularly discovering new medicinal CBD benefits. CBD studies are still very much in their infancy. Therefore, it’s safe to say we’ll hear of some beneficial new long-term effects in the near future.

At Route 27 Hemp Yard, our mission is to harness the organic, non-addictive power of CBD and create high-quality products that apply it in diverse ways. For example, you can enjoy CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties to condition your skin, or your lips in our softening and hydrating lip balm. In addition, you can soothe your nerves and ease restlessness with our Special Sauce CBD Flower. Basically, the point is that CBD has numerous unexpected uses.

Also, many people are still unclear on many of these uses and benefits. Even regular CBD users probably don’t know everything there is to know about it. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of some surprising and little-known facts about this miraculous little compound we call CBD.

#1 CBD is Only 1 of 100s of Cannabinoids in Hemp

Cannabinoids are the compounds that CBD delivers which target specific receptors in our brains. These receptors are the ones which govern stress, sleep, mobility, pain and more. It’s this positive neurological influence which leads to the health/wellness benefits we love. Of course, if you’re a regular CBD shopper, none of this is new to you. However, were you aware that the cannabis plant (which produces CBD) contains over a hundred additional cannabinoids?

Obviously, as far as what these can do, we’ll simply have to wait and see. Scientists and researchers all over the world are conducting every kind of test and experiment you can imagine on them (and CBD) at this very moment. With any luck, we’ll discover even more exceptional uses for the cannabis plant and help more people heal and stay well.

#2 CBD Has the Same Effect When Derived from Hemp

So many CBD users debate this topic incessantly. Some insist that CBD derived from marijuana is somehow more potent and efficient than its hemp counterpart. However, this is 100% incorrect and a common myth. CBD from hemp has the same exact molecular resonance as CBD from marijuana.

Basically, our bodies don’t detect or discriminate against the source of CBD when it enters our system. The only thing it registers is the presence of CBD and absorbs and processes it accordingly. Interestingly, our pets‘ bodies share this same quality.

#3 CBD May Aid in Addiction Recovery

Nowadays, we’re dealing with critical, widespread addiction that’s having a calamitous effect on families nationwide. Addiction is truly a baffling disease that continues to prove astonishingly difficult to recover from. However, according to some scientists, CBD may bring us one step closer to a solution.

Researchers claim to have evidence supporting CBD’s ability to enhance impulse control and inhibit the kind of destructive, impulsive behavior that plagues those with drug problems.

A U.S. National Library of Medicine study states that CBD is an agonist of 5-HT1a serotoninergic receptors. Therefore, it can regulate compulsive behaviors as well as improve responses to stress or adversity. Serotonin receptors contribute to the regulation of drug-seeking behaviors. Also, they can reduce the severe stress reactions that often cause addicts to relapse.

Conclusion – Route 27 Hemp Yard

Whether you were aware of these or not, we’re confident that more surprising CBD facts are on the horizon. As we continue to learn more about this miraculous little compound, we’ll keep fostering better health and wellness in anyone who wants it. At Route 27 Hemp Yard, we’ll maintain our ongoing commitment to quality, transparency and the wellbeing of our clients. If you’re a CBD expert looking to diversify your product preference or a newcomer looking for insight and guidance, we’re happy to help in any capacity.