Route 27 Hemp Yard was founded in 2016 when Ryan and Mark joined the craft beer industry and started growing hops, a crucial ingredient in brewing beer. After two years of providing eco-friendly hops to many local breweries on Long Island and NYC, the team decided to expand and grow hops sister plant, hemp.

Route 27: Pioneers in Modern Hemp Farming

Regardless of the disconnect in time between hemp farming over half a century ago and hemp farmers today, Mark & Ryan decided to take on the challenge.

The irreversible gap in time has led to the loss of the most valuable asset to contemporary farmers: wisdom and knowledge. Inevitably, this creates a stressful dynamic for emerging hemp farmers. Though it was a sharp learning curve, we are proud to be modern
pioneers of hemp farming!

Since the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, there has been a booming amount of research supporting medicinal and global benefits of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. This includes reversing the effects of global warming, replacing plastic with biodegradable hemp fibers, and putting the brakes on deforestation.

Route 27 harvester working in hemp field
CBD hemp flower being grown