CBD for PMS: Can Cannabis Help My Menstruation Issues?

We’ve Honestly All Been There

It’s the middle of the night, you’ve been laying in a fetal position for an hour, tossing and turning but nothing seems comfortable enough to subtle the pain. Or sometimes it's the start of the work day and your frequent visits to the bathroom for a potential vomit scare is seriously interruptive and keeps you from focusing on the assessment you have due soon.

Maybe you’re fighting a brutal hangover, or potentially caught that bug that’s been going around? Think again! It's just that time of the month, and when it comes to periods you’ve learned the hard way that the fluctuating side effects are just a natural part of your body's movements!

From trying traditional medications to watching youtube videos on home remedies, you’ve tried what feels like about every alternative over the years. Maybe birth control sort of helped with the regulation and the occasional heating pad did the trick, but nothings been a consistent reliable solution. If only there was something promising for those period problems!

Suddenly it seems like Cannabis is everywhere, and people can't get enough of this power plant and all its apparent perks! Can it be that CBD is the one to diminish the nausea and imbalance?

We're here to tell you after resorting to all the mediocre herbal teas and hot baths treatments, honestly why not just give it a try?

Menstruation Manipulation? Tell Me More!!

Though there are no published studies on how cannabis directly influences the effects of menstruation, there is endless evidence supporting its profound impacts on easing the cycle.

CBD offers well established information collected through numerous publications confirming the cannabinoid's many attractive medicinal properties. Including its anti-inflammatory benefits, pain relieving effects, and antioxidant properties, CBD presents a range of pharmacological benefits for conditional pain.

Basically, cell receptors in the human body convert energy and cause specific effects. When paired with CBD they make quite the match! When these receptors bind to the substance of a cannabinoid, the properties of CBD have the effect of altering the cell's functionality, which inturn introduces its regulation powers of subduing physical stressors to simply prompting meditative states.

When it comes to managing menstruation, the idea is that CBD is able to assist in these array of different period problems that arise for that intense time of the month. From alleviating that awkward stabbing pain to calming what feels like that unexplainable imbalance of emotions, cannabis is the total period plug!

Period Product Pointers

Uterine shedding is serious business! Those frequent red visits can bring anything from physical imbalances to emotional distress, so when it comes to handling period problems try to remember what works for one menstruating body may not work for you.

It's recommended for those who wish to embark on this alternative adventure to be conscious and listen to your body! If you find yourself still continuously struggling with your period it's best to speak with your doctor for additional options on how to help.

The Teams Tricks

Curious on where to start? we have provided some insight on our teams experience with products and how they manage their cycles to spark some ideas:

I love incorporating the Remedies salve on my lower belly as part of my nightly ritual. If I’m feeling aches during the day, I like to inhale CBD by either smoking a few puffs from our pre-rolls or vape. The CBD vape is a life saver because I can bring it anywhere and use it whenever I need to. It definitely helps to lift tension and calm my nervous system. - Tess

I’m convinced my menstruation cycle is completely controlled by my hectic schedule so it's always completely unpredictable. However its uncertain arrival, something I can always expect is its invitation of emotional chaos! What helps me calm this imbalance is the CBD vape! It is completely meditative and realigns my reality! I also often find my energy plummeting and my body aching, so I opt for the topical salve! It’s really comforting to apply and alleviates the discomfort! - Taylor

Honestly rubbing the cream on my lower stomach or just straight up smoking definitely relieves my tensions and pains. Even when stressors aren't present, simply smoking as a mood lifter is something I commonly do to stay balanced. When it comes to my period fog, the world can feel like it's crashing down, CBD always helps me navigate those times. - Ariana