Entourage Effect Explained

It's common in cannabis culture spaces to hear of something referred to as the entourage effect, and honestly for good reason. This completely enchanting and obscure process apparently creates a truly connective whole body experience, but what exactly does that mean?

The entourage effect is the theoretical principle which implies that a synergistic relationship between compounds contains the ability to generate uniquely favorable effects. Basically, imagine all the wonderful parts of the cannabis plant effortlessly collaborating together in favor of your body. By consuming these cannabis compounds in the same moment rather than individually, this theory suggests the increased potential of altered or enhanced benefits. The medicinal properties, flavors and even psychoactive capabilities can all be affected, resulting in products with specially defined features and attributes. The integration of these compounds can create properties that would otherwise not be available in a singularly pure cannabinoid. It simply encourages the use of the plant entirely, instead of isolating its different parts and pieces.

Think of it like you're stereotypical bacon egg and cheese bagel, each component of this mouth watering breakfast sandwich has its flavorful function as an individual food. Sure you can enjoy a plate of scrambled eggs, and a side of crispy bacon is great, but the combinational experience is overwhelmingly delicious and by far superior to its single components. Similarly, the different cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in the cannabis plant compliment each other to magnify their effectiveness and expand their impact of therapeutic application.

It takes Two to Tango

Let’s talk about it. The business of blending is serious, and for the many of you probably wondering is this really okay to do? We’re here to tell you yes! To date, the research is continuously being developed, but from the look of it some of the earlier results provide a strong promise for cannabis synergy! So here’s what we know at the moment:

Match made in heaven? They're wonderful apart but even better together. The combinational partnership of cannabinoids CBD and THC additionally provide prospectable results. Recognized for its psychoactive component, consumption of THC invites a generally potent high but unpredictable result. While most seek the intention of a meditative state, anxiety and paranoia can be an alternate outcome. The blending of this cannabinoid with CBD has been found to counteract those negative feelings. While inviting its individual characteristics it has been found to moderate the overwhelming moments on your mental and physical body while intensifying the enjoyable features. Because of this interaction, THC and CBD together have been found to work much more effectively than either compound on its own.

Blending potential is much more than just CBD and THC however! Take into consideration Terpenes, which are suggested to not only provide the influential aroma of its cannabis flower but contain rich therapeutic abilities to enhance the effects of cannabinoids on the human body. For instance, it's commonly believed that the cannabis indica strains have high dosage of Myrcene, a terpene known for prompting relaxation and subduing anxiety, while the cannabis sativa strains carrying Limonene are known to induce attentiveness and increase energetic behavior. It is said that through the entourage effect that mixing these terpenes with major cannabinoids such as THC and CBD or additional minor cannabinoids magnifies these stabilizing effects.

The involvement of blending compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes as potentially heightened through this process at the moment has just been under-studied. Although publications have supported the value, further research is warranted to investigate and bring forth the endless potentials of blending in contrast to conventional usage.

Ways to experience the Entourage Effect

Full Spectrum CBD products are totally the way to go if you're looking for a product containing a majority of the beneficial compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant! This option truly provides the full profile of the plant with the inclusion of THC levels. Typically this product includes varying terpenes and flavonoids and presents alternative minor cannabinoids! If you're looking for something similar minus the potential psychoactive features then Broad Spectrum is your best bet. Offering the same compounds and characteristics as Full Spectrum, you can enjoy the perfectly blended balance of your product without the influence of THC.

For those appealed to the truly earthy tone of the cannabis experience, Whole Plant CBD products are going to be highly recommended. Offering the incorporation of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids this product is the real deal! What makes this option different from the others however is that it also includes all the original wax, fats, and additional natural materials not commonly provided, inviting a more natural bitter flavor.

Playing around with Isolates is also an option, purchasing flowers containing individual cannabinoids and enjoying the hands-on experience of blending can be a rewarding and therapeutic moment.

We know you're excited but hold your horses: Some things to keep in mind

When experimenting with mixture usages it's crucial to remember what's totally yum for someone else may be a complete bum for you. What we’re trying to say is that cannabis affects each mind and body individually, there is no universal dosage or ratio that works for everyone, so don’t be surprised if your experience differs from those around you. The best adventure takes into consideration your own person, being conscious of intention and goals and being mindful of results.

If you're thinking of merging it's suggested for some to talk to a health professional. They can provide more individualized resources to advise you of the potential results if you're currently on any full time or temporary medications.

Be advised that legalization levels of THC differ in each state, please refer to these individual rules and regulations when expecting to experiment with a product that contains high doses.

And that's the Tea

The entourage effect is a completely fascinating theory that demonstrates the synergistic strength of the cannabis compounds present in the plant. Its beneficial effects speak loudly on the effective blend and cooperation of working together. It’s our hope with more research and recovered information that additional varieties in cannabis products will present an endless supply of opportunities for favorable effects on the human body.