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For years, CBD (aka cannabidiol) has been a natural go-to option for people looking to treat many different ailments. Our full-spectrum CBD topical cream is the perfect natural remedy for chronic and acute physical pain. However, what about ailments of the mind and mood? Those who suffer from depression and anxiety have been turning to the natural benefits of CBD. But, does CBD actually help with panic attacks?

About Panic Attacks & Anxiety

Panic disorders are more common than you may think. And, there are likely more un-diagnosed cases that can be added to the roughly 2.4 million Americans who are affected by panic disorders.

Panic attacks can be linked directly to anxiety, or be brought on by an imminent stress factor. Regardless, panic attacks are debilitating and frightening to endure.

Anxiety is best treated in a multi-layer approach. This could mean anything from regular exercise to medication. So, while there are many treatments for anxiety and panic attacks, it is not likely that any one can fully cure it.

Anxiety & CBD: The Research

Since the 2018 laws making CBD and hemp growing legal, widespread usage of the product has boomed. Alongside of that, came widespread claims of CBD being either a cure or a snake oil. This eventually prompted scientific research into the matter.

While there has been extensive research, we are here to bring you some highlights. Through many extensive tests on both human and animal test subjects, CBD has shown to reduce anxiety. Test subjects repeatedly show fewer behavioral signs of anxiety when treated with CBD.

However, even though anxiety and panic attacks are closely related there is a difference – and it’s an important one. General anxiety takes place over a longer period of time and affects day to day behaviors. Panic attacks are often the result of long exposures to anxiety and stressors. They come on quick, and typically require immediate intervention. Therefore, methods such as eating CBD gummies may not work fast enough to treat the panic attack. It can be concluded, however, that taking CBD to treat day to day anxiety may reduce the frequency and intensity of those experiencing panic attacks.

Conclusion: CBD as a Treatment for Anxiety

While there are many ways to consume CBD, each person will react differently when taking it. For people who experience long term anxiety disorders, it is best to be treated by a medical professional, while maintaining other anxiety reducing activities such as exercise.

Many customers that have chosen our Elektra CBD, Special Sauce, and Hawaiin Haze have reported that it helps with symptoms of anxiety disorders. This includes SAD, General Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and others.

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