worker holding a pre-rolled CBD joint

The Benefits of Switching to Hemp Pre-Rolls

It’s no secret: smoking cigarettes is dangerous, and deadly. However, people still continue to smoke them! Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer today. In addition, it often leads to a lot of other health issues, like diabetes (and much more). Luckily, alternatives to tobacco cigarettes are on the rise. One of these…
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cosmetics based on CBD oils, skin care hemp on yellow background

CBD Products & Your Skin

Have you gone shopping for any skincare products recently? If you have, it’s very likely you’ve come across products with “CBD” on the label. Recently, a lot of different beauty and skincare products are starting to utilize the extraordinary benefits of CBD. Of course, CBD is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of everyday routines.…
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3 strains of CBD rolled into separate joints

CBD Pre-Rolled Joints: Everything you need to know!

Ever since its legalization across the United States, people everywhere began experimenting with inventive new ways to consume CBD. Thus, hemp smoking has emerged into one of the most popular modern ways to enjoy the countless benefits of CBD. In fact, hemp smoking is gaining so much cultural traction that several companies now offer super-convenient,…
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hemp CBD salve in tin with hemp flower on top

Benefits of Adding CBD to Your Daily Routine

Many of us are constantly seeking ways to improve our physical and mental health. With the countless selection of vitamins, supplements and more on store shelves, it can be nearly impossible figuring out what’s likely to provide us significant benefits. However, countless consumers are finally beginning to catch on to the natural (and powerful) benefits…
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Cute dog looking at the hand holding CBD hemp oil for pets

4 Benefits of CBD For Your Pets

If you have a pet, then you know what a role they can play in your life. Our pets are our babies, and we often want to provide the very best for them. It’s impossible not to view our dogs or cats as our children. And sometimes, like human kids, our dogs and cats can…
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hemp and CBD pre roll with our Route 27 Hemp Yard labeled tube

Is CBD Addictive?

Researchers, healthcare workers, and academics alike continue to explore the benefits of CBD. Cannabidiol, or simply CBD, has been touted by users as a treatment for many health issues. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. But, does that mean it isn’t additive? With a growing global hemp revolution, CBD is legal in the…
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Hemp being cultivated by workers at our Route 27 Hemp Yard

What is CBD? Everything You Need to Know

CBD has become more popular, and is becoming even more well-known for its wellness benefits. But, there are many questions surrounding this up and coming product. Many people still find CBD a little confusing. This is especially true when deciding where to buy CBD and how to make sure it is legit. Some other common…
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CBD flowers in the shape of a smiley face

Can CBD Help with Panic Attacks?

For years, CBD (aka cannabidiol) has been a natural go-to option for people looking to treat many different ailments. Our full-spectrum CBD topical cream is the perfect natural remedy for chronic and acute physical pain. However, what about ailments of the mind and mood? Those who suffer from depression and anxiety have been turning to…
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Hemp flower or cannabis

What’s the Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana?

As the legal use of cannabis products increases, many people are becoming more curious about the available options. While some options are for recreational use, others are more focused on herbal remedies. Here, we focus on the latter. All products found at Route 27 Hemp Yard are legal, skillfully farmed, carefully harvested, and lab-tested for…
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CBD infused gummies on wooden table with hemp leaves

How to Make CBD Gummies from Flower

CBD gummies are a great way to take CBD for people who do not want to vape or smoke CBD flower. These cannabidiol-infused treats such as CBD gummy bears or sour worms are convenient, discreet, and effective. Here at Route 27 Hemp Yard, we are proficient farmers who create the highest quality CBD flower for…
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