Is CBD Addictive?

Researchers, healthcare workers, and academics alike continue to explore the benefits of CBD. Cannabidiol, or simply CBD, has been touted by users as a treatment for many health issues. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. But, does that mean it isn’t additive? With a growing global hemp revolution, CBD is legal in the…
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Hemp being cultivated by workers at our Route 27 Hemp Yard

What is CBD? Everything You Need to Know

CBD has become more popular, and is becoming even more well-known for its wellness benefits. But, there are many questions surrounding this up and coming product. Many people still find CBD a little confusing. This is especially true when deciding where to buy CBD and how to make sure it is legit. Some other common…
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CBD flowers in the shape of a smiley face

Can CBD Help with Panic Attacks?

For years, CBD (aka cannabidiol) has been a natural go-to option for people looking to treat many different ailments. Our full-spectrum CBD topical cream is the perfect natural remedy for chronic and acute physical pain. However, what about ailments of the mind and mood? Those who suffer from depression and anxiety have been turning to…
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Hemp flower or cannabis

What’s the Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana?

As the legal use of cannabis products increases, many people are becoming more curious about the available options. While some options are for recreational use, others are more focused on herbal remedies. Here, we focus on the latter. All products found at Route 27 Hemp Yard are legal, skillfully farmed, carefully harvested, and lab-tested for…
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CBD infused gummies on wooden table with hemp leaves

How to Make CBD Gummies from Flower

CBD gummies are a great way to take CBD for people who do not want to vape or smoke CBD flower. These cannabidiol-infused treats such as CBD gummy bears or sour worms are convenient, discreet, and effective. Here at Route 27 Hemp Yard, we are proficient farmers who create the highest quality CBD flower for…
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Elektra CBD for Stress Relief 

Elektra CBD: Origins, Usage, Flavor, and More!

CBD has been gaining momentum in the health and wellness community in the United States. Like others, our online CBD store has made it easily accessible and usable for anyone. And, we feel it is our responsibility to farm the best quality hemp strains in order to provide customers with the full wellness effects of…
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hat with CBD hemp flower bugs in the brim

3 Effective Ways to Take CBD

Once you make the decision to join the millions of people using CBD for health benefits, you are faced with a common question: How do I take CBD? Furthermore, everyone’s body will respond differently to CBD, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s common to be overwhelmed by a wide variety of CBD products and…
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hemp farm for CBD products

CBD & Quarantine

We Are All In The Same Boat This time spent in isolation has affected everyone differently – one thing we all have in common is that this is new for all of us. It’s important to use this time to self motivate as new experiences can bring on both stress and success. CBD is one…
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Hemp crop workers at Route 27 Hemp Yard

Welcome to our World of CBD

Hello all! We wanted to reach out to our followers and begin posting blogs to let you know our story from start to finish. Every week you can come and check in for a new part of our story, some information on the industry, or facts about cannabis in general!  Creating an Idea Have you…
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