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Delta-8 THC: What You Should Know

Without a doubt, one of the most sensational (and controversial) CBD products on the market recently is Delta-8-THC. Of course, with such an abrupt rise in conversation surrounding this compound, many who are curious about it (including seniors) don’t know what they should believe. Obviously, with any CBD or THC product, we believe it’s critical…
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Close-up of elderly woman putting CBD oil in her tea

Why Seniors Should Be Taking CBD

Our mission at Route 27 Hemp Yard is to connect people with the purest, highest-quality CBD products available today. Therefore, we have a keen understanding of how it can help just about everybody. Many people find this surprising, but one group that should undoubtedly implement CBD into their routine is senior citizens. Today, over forty-six…
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3 Surprising Facts About CBD That Most People Don’t Know

Recently, CBD has become one of the most popular and beloved ways to naturally alleviate common mental and physical ailments. People all over the country take it daily to mitigate problems ranging from anxiety to epilepsy. In fact, researchers are still regularly discovering new medicinal CBD benefits. CBD studies are still very much in their…
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CBD skin cream made from cannabis extract for an all natural skincare treatment. Overhead photography flat lay with cannabis leaf and CBD oil.

3 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Skin

How much money do you spend every month on your appearance? Did you know that the average woman spends approximately $300 monthly on cosmetic products? Mostly, these expenses go towards trying to maintain a youthful glow. Of course, the more we age, the more important it is to care for our skin. Therefore, an effective…
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The 3 Most Common CBD Myths

Since CBD is still a new product and industry, many people have misconceptions about it. In fact, it’s very likely you’ve heard (or believe) some of these misconceptions. We think it’s imperative to separate myths from facts, especially when it comes to something that can significantly improve your health. In this post, we’ll discuss the…
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How to Shop for CBD

By now, it’s virtually impossible that you haven’t heard all about the benefits of CBD. Naturally, you’re likely curious about all of the different CBD products and how they could potentially help you. However, if you’re new to the whole world of CBD and hemp pre-rolls, it might seem confusing (and perhaps overwhelming) at times.…
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3 Ways You Can Maximize CBD’s Natural Benefits

Did you know that in the past few years, CBD‘s collective popularity went up by over 260%? Of course, it’s difficult to go anywhere without coming across someone who swears by CBD, and discusses its’ magnificent impact on their life. CBD products have been exploding in popularity recently, and for good reason. Without a doubt, CBD provides…
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man holding a pre-rolled CBD joint

The Benefits of Switching to Hemp Pre-Rolls

It’s no secret: smoking cigarettes is dangerous, and deadly. However, people still continue to smoke them! Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer today. In addition, it often leads to a lot of other health issues, like diabetes (and much more). Luckily, alternatives to tobacco cigarettes are on the rise. One of these…
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CBD Products & Your Skin

Have you gone shopping for any skincare products recently? If you have, it’s very likely you’ve come across products with “CBD” on the label. Recently, a lot of different beauty and skincare products are starting to utilize the extraordinary benefits of CBD. Of course, CBD is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of everyday routines.…
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3 strains of CBD rolled into separate joints

CBD Pre-Rolled Joints: Everything you need to know!

Ever since its legalization across the United States, people everywhere began experimenting with inventive new ways to consume CBD. Thus, hemp smoking has emerged into one of the most popular modern ways to enjoy the countless benefits of CBD. In fact, hemp smoking is gaining so much cultural traction that several companies now offer super-convenient,…
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