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Just about everyone who’s passionate about their health is developing an interest in CBD. At Route 27 Hemp Yard, we know firsthand just how life-changing and beneficial CBD can be. In addition, its all-natural, non-intoxicating properties make it the ideal choice for anyone seeking organic healing methods.

While CBD is definitely having a positive impact on countless people, from parents to teachers, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make certain mistakes when shopping for it or using it.

Obviously, CBD popularity is very new. As a result, many of us simply don’t have the information or experience necessary to sidestep certain errors. But in this post, we’ll discuss some common CBD mistakes. With any luck, you’ll be able to use this information to avoid making them in the future.


Don’t Assume All CBD Contains 0% THC

Without a doubt, every CBD expert is familiar with this. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that, yes, CBD is a non-intoxicating derivative of the cannabis plant. Basically, this means that ingesting it won’t get you high. However, just because it’s non-intoxicating does not mean it’s entirely free from THC.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the element in marijuana that induces intoxication. Naturally, many believe the myth that since CBD does not get you high, it has 0% THC. As a result, they believe there’s zero chance of it showing up on a drug test. However, many are surprised to discover that some CBD products do contain trace amounts.  Therefore, it’s essential to double-check and verify the THC percentage prior to purchasing any CBD product.

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Don’t Have Over-Inflated Expectations

Of course, CBD is receiving widespread praise and celebration for its remarkable health and wellness benefits. However, many people expect miracles from it that aren’t just unreasonable, but impossible.

You should never expect a magic, universal remedy to every malady, illness or injury under the sun. If you do, then you’ll find yourself in a colossal state of disappointment and heartache. Yes, CBD is fantastic for seniors and can help with anxiety, depression, pains/aches, epilepsy symptoms and more. But you should never buy a CBD product assuming it’s the solution to every one of your problems.

Don’t Purchase From Dishonest Suppliers

Like any industry, the CBD business attracts a certain percentage of unscrupulous merchants. Unfortunately, these sellers have zero interest in connecting people with beneficial solutions to common emotional, psychological or physical health problems. Rather, they see it as an opportunity to make quick cash and call it a day.

When assessing potential CBD suppliers, do your homework. Try to find recommendations or endorsements from legitimate customers or reputable affiliates. Compare prices, brands, and check to see if they provide a Certificate of Analysis or lab reports with their products. Usually, these are some reliable ways to assess their competence and reliability.


Conclusion – Route 27 Hemp Yard

Ultimately, we work tirelessly to connect our customers with CBD products of unbeatable quality because we’re passionate about what CBD can do to help them. Our growing practices and cultivation techniques, plus our manufacturing and distribution policies, are about serving that ideal.

Of course, there are important considerations to remain conscious of when shopping for CBD products. However, proper awareness is all you need to ensure you’ll never make any of these elementary mistakes.