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Have you gone shopping for any skincare products recently? If you have, it’s very likely you’ve come across products with “CBD” on the label. Recently, a lot of different beauty and skincare products are starting to utilize the extraordinary benefits of CBD. Of course, CBD is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of everyday routines. However, what can it do for your skin?

Over-the-counter CBD treatments are readily available all across the country. Consumers are finally catching on to its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, among other advantages. In addition, CBD products can ease dryness, rashes, acne, eczema, and psoriasis, according to recent studies. Several other retailers offer CBD-infused lip balm, as its organic properties and nutrients deliver exceptional benefits for the lips, as well. In this post, we’ll explore CBD, what it is, how it can help you and why it’s become a skincare (and lip!) sensation. Keep reading to find out more!


What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Simply put, it’s a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Obviously, many assume incorrectly that this makes CBD an intoxicating substance. Whereas THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is psychoactive, CBD is not.

Therefore, ingesting or applying CBD to your skin will not induce any sort of “high.” CBD delivers the organic benefits of the cannabis plant without the addiction, potential for abuse or legal consequences.


CBD & Your Skin

So, why is it that we’re beginning to infuse CBD into lip and skincare products? What can CBD do for your skin? First and foremost, the cannabis plant has over sixty different kinds of cannabinoids. Basically, these are the all-natural components that encourage health, wellness and healing. Experts believe they heal acne and resolve a diverse variety of beauty issues.

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In addition, CBD products (and the cannabinoids within) are extremely hydrating. And when it comes to skincare, hydration is a priceless and sought-after benefit. Industry experts consider the very best skincare products to be super cleansing, without eradicating our skin’s natural oils that keep us moisturized. Therefore, CBD products are able to heal acne and clear skin without leaving behind dry, itchy skin. A 2014 study proves that CBD compounds can stabilize oil production in the sebaceous glands. Basically, this helps to heal pimples, prevent future breakouts, and keep skin supple. Altogether, it contributes to that kind of healthy, youthful glow we all want our skincare products to deliver.

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CBD & Your Lips

Who doesn’t hate dry, cracked lips? It’s one of those irksome problems that’s just as distracting as it is uncomfortable. So, you’d think that most of the lip balms on store shelves would provide a swift, effective remedy – right? Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case. The vast majority of lip balms in our pockets and purses (usually the mass-manufactured kinds) do nothing more than simply coat our lips in a cheap, synthetic, petroleum-based substance. Basically, this temporarily provides the illusion of relief, but has no long-term, positive results.

However, CBD lip balms deliver all of those positive results and more. First, did you know that CBD acts as a potent stabilizing agent? Each of our bodies have a vast network of free radicals. Basically, these are unstable cells that harm our healthy cells. CBD, when applied in a lip balm, helps to neutralize and stabilize free radicals. As a result, our lips are protected. CBD’s got natural antimicrobial properties – this reinforces our lips with enhanced defense against bacterias and infection.

In addition, CBD lip balm will also dramatically accelerate moisture and hydration, reduce painful inflammation, protect our lips from sun damage and more. Countless beauty enthusiasts also use CBD lip balm for smooth, plump lips – CBD lip balm’s natural ability to retain moisture means plumper, healthier lips.

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Conclusion – Route 27 Hemp Yard

Whether you’re looking to revitalize your skin or lips, or simply bring some calm and stability into your life, we’re ready to connect you with the best product for you. At Route 27 Hemp Yard, we offer only the highest-quality CBD products to connect you with organic, safe and effective wellness solutions. Our topical creams and diverse selection of lip balms will deliver the skin and lip benefits you’re looking for.