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We Are All In The Same Boat

This time spent in isolation has affected everyone differently – one thing we all have in common is that this is new for all of us. It’s important to use this time to self motivate as new experiences can bring on both stress and success. CBD is one of the many organic ways to help your body and mind adapt to your new normal.

Keeping Your Mind Fresh in Quarantine

A lot of us have been blessed with the gift of newfound time, or so we thought it was a gift. No matter where you are in the world staying isolated is difficult. Building up thoughts and wanting to do other things is completely normal. With that being said, our main focus should be on staying positive and keeping everyone safe. Basically, we need to stay inside without feeling anxious. Taking CBD is a great way to sit back and ease any pressure or anxiousness. Unlike marijuana, CBD is non-psychedelic. This means that you won’t feel any anxiety or “high” while smoking CBD. Furthermore, CBD can help calm your nerves as well as those new aches and pains you are feeling. 

Working from Home Brings New Aches and Pains

Who would have thought that working from your couch or bed could be so strenuous on your body? Or how your lower back could be more affected by your binge-watching habits than your brain? Or how working out with TikTok and Zoom videos has proven more strenuous than the boost of endorphins you were originally looking for? All of these things are probably making your body talk to you a bit, and you need to listen! Soreness is good, but aches and pain are not. There are ways to alleviate any aches or pains you are feeling without taking over the counter or prescription drugs. 

How CBD Can Help

CBD has the ability to cleanse your body of those new tensions while helping you adjust to your new routine. There are many ways to take CBD. You can apply your CBD topically by targeting the exact area that is giving you discomfort. You can also smoke CBD hemp if you want to target your entire body. Smoking CBD is the fastest way for the cannabinoids to reach your bloodstream and give you the effect you were looking for.

Enjoy This Time, Get Creative!

Since we are not able to do what we may normally do for fun – we have been forced to be a bit more creative with how we spend our time. We can try a pilates class on Zoom and maybe even learn a TikTok dance for some cardio. Schedule a video chat with friends or work on that project you’ve been neglecting. All while practicing social distancing and enjoying your Long Island CBD!