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More uses and benefits of CBD are on the horizon and yet to be discovered. One recent, popular topic involves CBD’s potential treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (or OCD).


What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

First and foremost, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD for short) is a mental, emotional and psychological health issue, not a physical one. It can affect anyone from kids to seniors, from any background or socioeconomic upbringing. Basically, OCD occurs when someone winds up stuck in an implacable cycle of obsessions and compulsions.

Obsessions are unwelcome, intrusive and troubling thoughts, images, or urges that provoke very distressing emotions. Therefore, the synonymous compulsion is the behavioral  response they attempt in order to eliminate the obsession and alleviate their distress. Of course, most people experience obsessions and obsessive thoughts throughout their lives. However, this does not mean that everyone who’s ever felt an obsession was dealing with “some form of OCD.”

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is not a fleeting annoyance that vanishes as quickly as it comes. In fact, the OCD diagnosis is official when there’s clear proof that the symptoms in question are so severe that they’re making it nearly impossible for the patient to live a normal, manageable life. Usually, obsessions and compulsions begin to interfere with their personal and professional lives before they seek help. Often, patients with severe OCD find it difficult to hold a job or maintain relationships.


Traditional Methods of Treatment

OCD is not a new illness. But, unfortunately, there’s still no treatment that anyone can safely consider a “cure.” Traditional treatments for OCD involve medications and psychotherapy. Obviously, this isn’t much of a distinction from the methods on hand for most other mental illnesses.

However, as astonishing number of patients see no positive results from these methods and simply cannot keep their OCD under control. And this lack of effective treatment has inspired many OCD sufferers to seek out alternative methods.



With most OCD cases, anxiety is a massive contributor to the general unease they feel. In fact, most of the time it directly accompanies the obsessive thought. Intense feelings of tension and stress incite the compulsive behavior, which eventually develops into all-consuming dysfunction.

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However, countless CBD users praise it for not just easing their anxiety. In fact, most users claim that CBD eliminated their anxiety entirely. With no instant, jarring sense of panic punctuating the obsessive thought, they’re less likely to behave compulsively.

Our endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in calibrating our neurotransmitter signals. Mostly, it consists of cannabinoids and receptors. By ingesting the right compounds like CBD, we can directly influence these receptors and manage numerous different ailments, including the anxiety and obsessive behavior that defines OCD.



Without a doubt, CBD is officially taking the world by storm. In the health and wellness community, CBD is proving to be a remarkable compound. And, it’s not just health nuts and organic enthusiasts benefitting from its extraordinary properties. In addition, everyone from parents to seniors to athletes are developing serious, lifelong loyalties to CBD products. With so many diverse uses, applications and products to consider, CBD’s versatility is definitely not hurting its global popularity.

At Route 27 Hemp Yard, we made it our mission to connect people with high-quality products that can transform their health and look their best back when the list of benefits was much smaller.

However, we’re now more determined than ever (in light of continuing discoveries) to increase our efforts and maintain exemplary standards at all costs. We can’t wait to see what’s next for CBD and how it can enhance our client’s health and wellbeing in more new ways.