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By now, it’s virtually impossible that you haven’t heard all about the benefits of CBD. Naturally, you’re likely curious about all of the different CBD products and how they could potentially help you. However, if you’re new to the whole world of CBD and hemp pre-rolls, it might seem confusing (and perhaps overwhelming) at times. Not to worry, though, we’ve got just the guide for you!

Since the market is growing at an astounding rate, all kinds of retailers are carrying CBD products. This is great, because it’s giving more people than ever access to CBD. However, it can also make it much more difficult to discern the high-quality, trustworthy and reputable products from those best left on the shelf. Therefore, in this post, you’ll find our guide to shopping for CBD.

First: What Exactly is CBD?

Basically, CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a non-intoxicating, non-addictive cannabinoid derived directly from the hemp plant. Because it contains less than 0.3% THC, the active ingredient which induces intoxication in marijuana, the federal government officially removed hemp/CBD from its list of controlled substances in 2018. This opened the door to introducing CBD to virtually anyone with an interest in its health benefits.

And speaking of: CBD is gaining massive momentum within the world of health and wellness. Many are celebrating it for its ability to manage epilepsy, ease chronic pain, reduce anxiety/depression, alleviate cancer symptoms and more. In addition, many companies are infusing CBD into skincare and lip products because of its exceptional hydration properties. Furthermore, CBD hemp pre-rolls make a significantly healthier and superior alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

1. Figure Out Why & How

Of course, this is the best place to start. In order to properly evaluate these products, you’ll first need to know why you want to add CBD to your daily routine. In addition to knowing why you want it, you should also know which form you want it in. Since CBD is available in edibles, topical treatments, supplements, drops, pre-rolls and more, you’ll save a lot of time if you know how you’d like to take it.

For example: if you’re looking for fast relief from muscle aches and pains or anxiety, inhaling CBD (via hemp pre-rolls) may be your best bet. Or, you may prefer a topical treatment, like lotion. Either way, the shopping process will be a lot smoother if you know why and how you want CBD.

2. Request Lab Reports

This is a foolproof way to verify that the retailer you’re dealing with is a reputable professional. In the CBD industry, all of the growers and suppliers with a passion for their work, and a commitment to quality, can instantly provide you with clear, coherent reports detailing the cannabinoid and terpene content.

If they’re unwilling or unable to provide lab reports, you should absolutely stay as far away from that supplier as possible. Lab reports are an unassailable way to verify quality and legitimate growing/harvesting practices.

Route 27 Hemp Yard has its Lab Reports linked on each product page. For an example of what a lab report should look like, here is our Elektra CBD strain report.

3. Look For Products That Disclose the CBD Amount

Of course, the CBD content depends on the product in question. However, like the lab reports, this is another reliable way to determine quality and legitimacy. And the finest CBD products will clearly disclose what you’ll get not just in the whole product, but in a single dose. When searching for CBD products intended for pets, this kind of information is crucial.

Additionally, be extra cautious with anything that lists only the quantity of total cannabinoids within the product. If they don’t specifically disclose how much CBD they contain, this is a definite red flag. Many unscrupulous companies will omit this information because those cannabinoids can contain not just CBD, but numerous other compounds that you don’t want. Unfortunately, this is a common way that these low-quality suppliers can avoid scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration.

4. Avoid Anything With Exaggerated Health Claims

Obviously, we all know what CBD can do for us. It has some pretty extraordinary benefits and can help with anything from panic attacks to chronic pain. However, if there’s a particular CBD brand using hard-to-believe selling points about their product’s medical benefits, it’s safe to assume you should quickly head in the opposite direction.

In fact, within recent years, these sweeping, exaggerated claims became so severe that government agencies took notice. The FDA began cracking down on the companies claiming their products had incredible and unprecedented healing properties. If it seems unbelievable, it’s probably because it’s not true. And any supplier making these inflated claims is most likely a clueless (or dubious) vendor trying to exploit CBD’s growing popularity to make a quick buck.

Conclusion – Route 27 Hemp Yard

At Route 27 Hemp Yard, we’re passionate not only about connecting people with high-quality CBD products, but also educating them on the logistics of the industry. We’re more than happy to provide you with any information you might like. In fact, you can find the lab reports for our hemp pre-rolls directly on the product page!