Cannabis infused granola, blueberry and greek yogurt. CBD smoothie bowl recipe for the chillest summer breakfast. Start your morning wth a few drops of CBD oil for a health and wellness kick start.

When it comes to certain CBD products, they’re not all the same. Of course, the diversity of CBD products is part of their expanding popularity and appeal. You can customize your routine based on your specific preferences. In addition, the versatility of CBD means you can administer its benefits for multiple purposes. For example: while products like CBD gummies deliver the cannabinoids through your digestive system, topical products are perfect for muscle aches and pains, and absorb through the skin.

This is why there are so many diverse CBD products available to choose from. With CBD, you can refine your own individual experience to meet your needs and get the best results. Have you ever taken OTC medicines, and felt like they never worked when you expected them to? Timing is crucial when it comes to our medicines, supplements, CBD products and more. If you want them to work at a certain time, you have to use them at a certain time. Unfortunately, many people believe the myth that timing is irrelevant. In this post, we’ll explore the best ways to time your CBD intake for topicals, edibles and tinctures in order to see maximum results and benefits. 


CBD Topicals 

A CBD topical is a product which you apply externally. In other words, it’s a product you apply to your skin and don’t ingest orally. Therefore, they only work on the areas you apply them. 

The CBD in each of these products absorbs fairly quickly. Basically, this is because the elements within are highly efficient at penetrating the skin’s layers in order to reach the muscles and joints within. 

Usually, topicals work almost instantly. Also, they tend to deliver relief for a few hours at a time, depending on the severity of pain. If you’re looking for a CBD topical for a specific issue (pains, aches, soreness), remember that it works very quickly. In addition, keep in mind that CBD topicals are only effective for the spots on which you apply them. 


CBD Flower & Pre-Rolled Joints

These are combinations of high-CBD and high-quality hemp ground together in an herbal blend. Not only are these great for taking your daily CBD, but they also give cigarette smokers a much healthier alternative. These are available in a variety of different strains, each with their own unique flavor and aroma profiles. With CBD flower and pre-rolls, the cannabinoids enter our systems through the lungs.

If you’re looking for your CBD to get to work fast, then pre-rolls are your best bet. Inhaling CBD, or smoking it, is one of the ways to activate it instantly, in less than 30 seconds. So when it comes to flower and pre-rolls, you should expect it to peak in relatively no time at all.


CBD Edibles 

Of course, unlike topicals, CBD edibles are products meant for you to ingest. Our bodies absorb the CBD through our digestive tracts, and eventually our livers process them. Then, the liver releases the compounds into our bloodstream. 

Usually, our digestive systems don’t operate very quickly. Often, it can take up to one or two hours for edibles to reach our bloodstream. This depends on factors like metabolism and how much we’ve eaten recently. 

Therefore, you should take a CBD edible an hour or two before you wish for it to take effect. 


Conclusion – Route 27 Hemp Yard

If you have any further questions regarding CBD, we’re always happy to answer any and all questions. At Route 27 Hemp Yard, we’re passionate about connecting our customers with CBD products of superlative quality. In addition, we want each customer to be as informed, confident and fulfilled as possible by the products they select.