Hemp being cultivated by workers at our Route 27 Hemp Yard

CBD has become more popular, and is becoming even more well-known for its wellness benefits. But, there are many questions surrounding this up and coming product. Many people still find CBD a little confusing. This is especially true when deciding where to buy CBD and how to make sure it is legit.

Some other common questions surrounding CBD: Does CBD get you high? What are the benefits of CBD? Is CBD the same as hemp? Will CBD make you fail a drug test? How is it legal?

Here, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about CBD, what it’s used for, what it is, and what it isn’t.


What is CBD Flower?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. Our CBD flower is derived from our locally sourced, ethically grown hemp. And, legal hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC, which is the main difference between hemp and marijuana.

So, Can CBD Get You High?

While the short answer is no, the long answer is more informative. It is true that you will not feel sedated in any way or experience the possible negative effects of THC.

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis the gets you “high.” CBD is a naturally occurring substance that brings a feeling of calming relaxation, without the high feeling. Unlike marijuana and THC, CBD flower is non-psychoactive.

Can I Pass a Drug Test While Using CBD?

Yes and no; Currently, drug tests are not designed to detect CBD. Therefore, the tests will not show the presence of CBD. This is true for both 5- and 10-panel drug screens.

However, hemp and CBD products can legally contain up to 0.3% of THC. When people fail drug tests from CBD, it is likely due to the fact that they take regular, high doses, which can build up THC levels. For instance, if you are using our full-spectrum topical cream while enjoying several pre-rolled CBD joints a day, you may trigger a false-positive for THC, not CBD.

Obviously, this issue can be easily avoided. Slowing or even stopping your usage prior to a drug screening can limit this possibility. This may be difficult for those using CBD for anxiety, but it’s the simplest way to ensure that you do not show a false-positive.


How Do You Take CBD?

Once you decide to take CBD, the next bridge you will need to cross is how to take your CBD. There are many ways to take CBD and it comes in many forms. However, everyones body will respond differently. Therefore, there is no one size fits all solution.

How to Take CBD Depends on Your Goals

CBD has a wide variety of wellness benefits. When you decide to focus on a couple of those, the decision of what type of CBD and how to take it becomes much clearer.

Are you taking CBD for anxiety, or for arthritis? Maybe you are just curious if life just feels a little better in general with it in your wellness routine.

What Areas Does the CBD Need to Reach?

Localized goals such as arthritis, muscle soreness, or skin conditions can be targeted with a full spectrum CBD topical cream.

When using CBD for your immune system or mental health, CBD will need to be in your blood stream in order to reach those areas. Same goes when using CBD for sleep. For these purposes, taking CBD orally (like a CBD gummy) or by vaping/smoking is the best method.

In regards to general wellness, you are able to enjoy CBD products as often and in any way that makes you feel good! Enjoyment is an important aspect to joining the CBD revolution, especially when your goal is overall health and wellness.

When and How Often Do I Take CBD?

Again, this depends on both how your body responds as well as what your goals are. You may need to try a few different methods before you hit your stride.

CBD for sleep: A few hours before bedtime, try taking a CBD oral supplement

CBD for anxiety: Try 1-3 times a day either taking an oral supplement or a CBD vape pen

CBD for arthritis: Combine taking an oral supplement and using a topical CBD cream 1-3 times a day

These suggestions are from our experience, and from the experience of our customers. We advise you consult your physician before using, if pregnant, breast feeding, or taking other medications.


Where to Buy High Quality CBD?

As with any fad, there are likely to be fake CBD or simply low quality CBD for sale out there. It is important to vet the company you are looking to buy from, and avoid any products that you are unsure of the exact source of the ingredients.

Here at Route 27 Hemp Yard, our hemp farm is organic and all-natural. The products we sell are farm-direct and many other companies use our CBD hemp flower for their CBD products.

What to Look for in a CBD Company

It is not possible for every company making CBD products to also grow and cultivate hemp. However, when choosing a company to buy CBD products such as drinks, gummies, and flower, they should clearly state on their website where their hemp flower comes from.

Now, we know that it may not seem important to a lot of CBD users. However, here at Route 27 Hemp Yard, we firmly believe in locally and ethically sourced hemp products. Not only is hemp good for the environment and can replace a lot of harmful products such as plastics, hemp that is carefully cultivated will mean you are getting the best quality CBD.

What to Look for in CBD

The main thing you want to look for is low THC, and high CBD. Also, the words “full spectrum” is an important one to note. Additionally, the CBD seller you are looking into should have CBD Lab Analysis reports on every product.

In order for CBD to be legal, it will need to contain 0.3% or less THC. Some hemp products contain no THC at all, but these are not full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD will contain small amounts of THC, which does improve efficacy.

Additionally, you will want to check for a CBD level of 16% or greater. This should be confirmed with lab reports, such as our lab analysis of Hawaiian Haze CBD.



This list of questions and answers should be everything you need to know about CBD. For any other questions, feel free to email us or use our contact form.

Again, these suggestions are from our experience, and from the experience of our customers. As always, we advise you consult your physician before using CBD, if pregnant, breast feeding, or taking other medications.