Route 27 is a Long Island highway that stretches from the urban landscape of Brooklyn to the sandy shores of Montauk, New York. As the traveler rides eastbound, they find the quaint town of Moriches; the temperate climate, ocean breezes and the sandy, loam soils make Moriches a favorable location to grow premium artisanal hemp.

Through cutting-edge technology, organic farming methods, and our commitment to the Earth, we are revolutionizing the hemp industry as trailblazers of the trade. 

Cultivating the land we walk on runs through our ancestral blood.


Our passion for soil, sun and water drives us to do what we do best: farming one hell of a crop.


To grow and harvest this ancient plant we've implemented practices to fuse new-aged farming techniques with this old-aged profession.




Our local business is rooted in small batch, high quality flowers that are grown in biodiverse soil. The 12 acre farm we operate on grows both greenhouse and outdoor hemp, as well as hops, in the temperate region of Long Island. 


Operating out of Long Island, our team oversees every step of our production process to ensure that each piece of bud, each topical cream, each hemp pre-roll, and more, are crafted with exceptional quality. Every single one of our CBD products are handcrafted from seed to seal.