Food Guide Since Maybe You’ll be Hungry on 4/20

Hello fellow cannabis enthusiasts! What's a better time than the present to celebrate this upcoming 4/20! Unlike previous observances, this year's celebrations are going to be extra special. Why, you ask? Because if you're over 21 and in New York state, you can now legally indulge in some Mary Jane while sipping on a cold one! Can you believe it? We've been patiently but not so patiently waiting for this moment for so long, and now it's finally here! So, let's all come together and make this 4/20 one to remember!

Get ready to indulge in the fruits of the labor of our local cultivators and processors, who have put in countless hours to bring you the most thoughtful and conscious cannabis products imaginable! And with the Office of Cannabis Management in NYC doing us a solid by opening up additional dispensaries for recreational use, it's the perfect opportunity to support your familiar businesses and explore some new local spots while satisfying your cravings.

Speaking of cravings, let’s not forget one important aspect of any good cannabis celebration: la comida!! what better way to enjoy our newfound rights than by legally indulging in some mouth-watering snacks that complement our high? That's why we've put together a food guide to take your 4/20 celebration to the next level. Get ready to savor some incredible flavors and enhance your lit and liberating experience!

No Introduction Needed: Simply Pizza

First up, we have the no-brainer - pizza! Whether it's those frozen hot pockets that have been admittedly sitting in your freezer for quite some time or a fresh, piping hot slice from your local Italian joint, you can never go wrong with pizza. Don’t be shy! Definitely load it up with some extra cheese, possibly add that irresistible garlic crust, and pick at least twenty five extra toppings available and you're good to go!

Speaking of Cheese?

There’s just something about cheese that's so insanely delicious no? Thank goodness they’ve created millions of snacks in its delicious honor. Cheez-Its, Cheetos, mozzarella sticks - I mean, the list goes on and on. Honestly anything with cheese is a winner in our book. Like how could you say no to mozzarella sticks? And lets not forget about just straight cheese sticks which are begging to be peeled into strings and be devoured. Don't ask me why I don't make the rules.

Anything in your Refrigerator or Pantry that's Still There

Feeling adventurous? Make your way through that familiar place you call home and see what hidden gems you can find. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll still have some girl scout cookies laying around, or find that half eaten bag of chips you stopped devouring mid way and shoved shamefully in the back of your pantry after your gym session. For some completely unexplainable odd reason, even the things you typically overlook or forget about sometimes become the most flavorful experience!

And don’t you dare forget about fish! Yes, fish

Gold fish, extra cheesy, rainbow, pretzel even keep it cool with the classic! Don’t just buy one bag, at least two for safety measures. Swedish Fish, hello um unexplainably delicious! What even is the flavor? Who knows. And why are they Swedish, absolutely no clue. The only thing that's certain is you can't go wrong with this snack option! Actual fish? Maybe not the cutest option but to be honest any form of sushi for sure sounds like a high class dream.

Anything that's typically offered on the kids menu at your local Diner

Well really no need to convince you here my friends, these types of nostalgic foods speak for themselves. Mac n cheese, Hotdogs, Chicken Fingers, Burgers, Grilled Cheese. No wrong can be done with these options.

Homemade Heaven

In this high time of self care and intentional eating, something created from your own heart and hands can be the ultimate experience. If you're feeling creative, whip up some homemade goodies like cannabis-infused brownies or gooey chocolate chip cookies. And if you're not honestly too lazy for the task, just drop a subtle hint to your grandma and she'll probably hook you up with her famous apple pie.

Sweets Galore!

And of course, no high experience is complete without something sweet and bad for your teeth. From sour candies to creamy ice cream, indulge in all your sugary cravings. It's so insanely good it's almost like these things were literally made for people with the munchies. Make your festivities look like halloween or that ice cream buffet you always dreamed of having as a kid at your birthday party.

Something Salty

You can’t even really consider going sweet without having something salty to balance it out with! What's more compatible with chocolate bars than a warm giant pretzel or classic chips or popcorn! Don’t even start me on french fries! Welp now I’m hungry.

Shareable Bites

And finally, why not make it a sharing experience? We all know that semi proud but also semi concerned accomplished feeling of eating every last piece of your food yourself, even licking the ketchup or leftover chocolate drizzle from the plate if you're that type of person! But honestly sometimes it's even better to combine curious appetites and creative dishes for the ultimate snack smorgasbord. If you didn’t already know, sharing is caring duh! So why settle on only that one thing you bought if you can also have a nibble or extremely large bite of everyone else's snacks! Common sense no?

Let the Preparations Begin!

So there you have it! Grab your favorite strain, maybe some bud-dies for a good time, stock up on some delicious goodies, and get ready to celebrate 4/20 like never before. And remember, always snack responsibly. Happy noshing!