Intimate Ideas for your Stoner Sweetie: Valentines Day Gift Guide Edition

Tchotchkes are Over, Cannabis Is In

Materialistic gifts can be cute and all but sometimes repetition becomes predictable and boring. Cmon don’t you know, flowers and chocolates expire but memories last forever. Shared moments are completely underrated, and deserve more recognition! Honestly, what says ‘I love you’ more than thought out quality time! This holiday is all about gesturing appreciation to show that you care! Stuck on how to celebrate? We’ve got you covered! Here’s the ultimate gift guide for intimate and mindful cannabis connective measures!

Table for One Please (or should invite my mom?)

A little tidbit before we get going, Valentine's celebration is not just for romantic love nowadays! So sure many of these intimate ideas can be enjoyed by lovers, but also just with people you generally love! Grab your ‘gram-ma’ or ‘bud-dy’ and celebrate in a non-platonic fashion.

How about some self love? Heck yes! Maybe it's cliche but how can you give care intended energy to others if not first yourself? Hello, it's not old news! So yeah, the flow and context of this article may gravitate towards two little love birds sitting on a tree but it's in no way suggesting these activities can only be accomplished with a paired duo.

We love single sweeties, and encourage galentine's day vibes so please enjoy all these suggestions even if you're riding solo!

Yes, The Bathrooms is Super Romantic

What about a present that certifies your desire to care for your partner's health? Sensible meets sentimental this Valentine's Day with a conscious afternoon of cannabis wellness. Seriously, what can be more romantic than the gesture of tending to someone's physical and emotional well-being?

Possibly bring some candlesticks but most definitely grab some wine or beer and hit the tub! Planning a romantic bubble bath is not only intimate and meditative, but effortlessly kind and thoughtful. Use one of our handcrafted CBD Infused Soap to arouse your senses! From lavender eucalyptus to oatmeal honey there’s a limitless line of aromatic scents to lather in together.

Don’t have a tub buddy? Big whoop! Treat yourself, run that hot water and use one of our bars to wash away all the socialized pressures of partnership! It will be so calm you’ll soon forget that old fashioned conditioned mindset that grandmas are pushing on you to ‘find a significant other’ in no time.

Up the ante and pucker up! Prepare for endless kisses with our handcrafted organic CBD Lip Scrub and complementing Lip Balm! What's worse than dry smuckers, and of all days! Seriously, don’t spend your time agonizing over dehydrated smooches, spend them adoring those blissful moments together.

And It doesn't have to end there! How about indulging in a cute matching face mask or exchanging soothing body massages. Route 27’s Full Spectrum Salve is the absolute perfect topical exfoliant to enhance your already overwhelmingly delightful evening.

Focus on one or incorporate them all! reiterating the importance of soundness is wholesome and intentional, makes for a really satisfying expression of love.

Find Love in a Hopeless Place, or in your Mouth

Looking for something a little more playful and delicious? Take it to the kitchen! I mean this holiday is supposably about love, but let's be real, we all look forward to the convenient excuse to devour that box of chocolates and heart shaped frosted cookies!

It's been said the way to one's heart is through their stomach, makes complete sense. There are so many creative ways to incorporate cannabis into a celebratory meal! Possibly recreating a nostalgic dish you both crave, or trying something new. Even baking some homemade brownies for an interactive desert, sure they’re super stereotypical but for a rationally yummy reason!

The Best Present, Is to simply be Present

Instead of simply wrapping a gift, decorate your day with an adventure and put a bow on unforgettable memories! Our handy dandy portable vape cartridge are the perfect accessory for any love inspired active moments! Sunrise, sunset, you name it! Enjoy the effortless beauty of nature on an intimate walk through the mountain woods, or have a beautiful picnic near the ocean water just enjoying in the sand. So many great times can be amplified over sharing some cannabis on the go.

Yeah Roses are Red, and Sure Violets are Blue, but Cannabis Green is Sexy, so Go Get Some for your Boo

Flowers are the epitome of an expected gift and for good reason! Don’t get us wrong, they're beautiful, truly a wonderful gesture but let's be real they're sometimes pretty predictable.

Your stoner sweetie won't miss the smell of simplistic roses or tulips when she gets a sniff of our intoxicating cannabis flowers! From refreshing scents of delicate citrus to sweet notes of pink bubble gum our array of strains offer content no bouquet of daisy could ever provide.

Seriously Who Loves you Unconditionally? Don’t Forget your Forever Valentine

C'mon admit it, there’s no love quite comparable to the one we share with our beloved furry friends. And sure, It's likely they’re not conscious about the holiday but who cares, you know they deserve a form of recognition. Our all natural handmade CBD Infused Dog Treat is the perfect reminder of appreciation for your puppy pal! Nice day? Take them to the park to run around and simultaneously enjoy some cannabis of your own!

All in All Love Conquers

Whether you choose a physical gift or share a moment (cannabis inclusive or not) the mere indication or motion of reminding those you love that you care is simply enough!