​Plant Hemp Trees and Save the Bees: How Cannabis Can Help Prevent Colony Collapse

What's all the Buzz About? 

Ongoing environmental issues are causing major effects on insect populations and diversity. Particularly, Bee’s and other pollinators are confronted with the ramifications on a dangerous scale.

Radical increases in temperatures and drastic changes in the patterns of weather are altering the dynamic of the planet, resulting in unsuitable ecosystems for our fuzzy friends. This inturn alters and pressurizes the circumstances for the normally cooperative relationship between pollinators and their flowering plants.

Specifically, bee populations continue to face challenging losses of colonies at nearly a forty percent decline annually. A major reasoning for colony collapse is due to nutritional stressors directly caused from lack of pollen and nectar sources.

The Business of Bolstering Bee’s!

With the current state of this collapsation, researchers and beekeepers alike are constantly cultivating new practices for productive solutions to the problem.

Following the legalization of Hemp in the United States with the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, it is an imperative responsibility of cannabis cultivators to understand how the industry can affect and assist pollinator populations in their critical survival conditions.

By implementing hemp crops into our lands, we are consciously reconstructing our current environment into one which provides safe and sustained spaces for pollinators, initiating a start to change this regretful narrative for our bees into a happy one!

Hemp Hemp Hurray!

Despite the obvious, that hemp doesn't possess the stereotypical colorful attributes and attractive aromas that other plants use to attract pollinators, its green leaves do the trick!

These power plants are wind pollinated, meaning they do not produce nectar but a substantial amount of pollen for the bees to ravish in!

The best part is that the crops' generalized production of this pollen comes around the same time that alternative crops in many regions are not able to provide this resource, making hemp flowers a valuable source of nutrients for foraging bees.

Filling this lack inturn helps effortlessly assist in maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the foundation of pollination, making the relationship between the bees and hemp completely complementary!

What Can’t This Plant Do!

When considering major shifts and changes, it’s typically the small steps that accumulate to make the biggest difference for the better!

When it comes to helping the bee’s and our other pollinator friends, it’s easy to overlook the connection that supporting hemp based business provides a convenient and coincidental solution to the planet's colony collapsation problem!

By considering the production of this crop for not only its economical and human based benefits, one can open their perspective to consider the plants alternative functions and truly emphasize its power for greater use!