​Terpenes: Why People Should be Talking About them More

What Are Terpenes? 

You most likely use them everyday. From creating an invitational space for friends and warding off unwanted insects, terpenes are the chemical compounds known for their diverse aromatic essence. From the soft scent of lavender to the citrusy aroma of orange, terpenes are responsible for the way that things smell.

Cannabis plants typically contain an abundance of these terpene compounds resulting in the herb's obvious and distinctive scent recognized globally. Additionally, varying strains of this compound give the plant unique aromas with specific properties. However terpenes are not unique to cannabis aromatic perks, these compounds are more than just their gravitational scent.

What do Terpenes do exactly?

Although on their own terpenes won’t get you high, these natural chemical compounds have a subtle effect on the influence of your overall CBD experience.

Majority of the cannabis plant's medicinal and psychoactive effects derive from major cannabinoids present such as THC and CBD. Similar to minor cannabinoids, terpenes have a unique less abundant overall effect on the individual strain.

Each variation of terpenes has particular effects. Some offer more meditative relaxing trance while others a caffeine like kick of energy.

Common Terpenes

Each terpene provides both similar and individualistic aromas. They range from being commonly found in your daily household items like fruits and vegetables to your CBD flower!

Here are some of the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis:

Responsible for its spiced herbal flavor, Myrcene is widely known as one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. It’s also found in other things like mangos, thyme, lemongrass, hops and many other plants.

Caryophyllene delivers a spicy scent of black pepper. This terpene is rich in cannabis and also prominently found in basil, cloves, hops, cinnamon and rosemary.

Linalool is commonly remembered for its euphoric lavender floral essence. Its scent offers varying aromatic benefits from stimulating relaxation and meditative states. 

Humulene is found to contain antibacterial features that provide essential protection of the cannabis plant from uninvited bacterias and fungus. Also found in hops and different woods, this compound contains a more earthy herbal aroma.

Regularly found in nature, Pinene is a compound found not only in cannabis but frequently in pine trees and Spanish sage. Although not all terpene scents are similar to their name, this one is quiet on the mark providing an immersion of fresh aroma of the forest.

Limonene is often related to its strong citrus essences. Utilized in various spaces this terpene is frequently used in cleaning products and cosmetic goods.


In recent years with the increase in cannabis culture and rise of supportive political implementation, more research and development is being allocated to better understand the specific parts of the cannabis plant. Specifically including those of terpenes being managed, the peak of information about these unique compounds has yet to be reached. For the moment we have limited exposure to the endless benefits of Terpenes, but should look forward to the potential of its unlimited power we've yet to discover.